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Monday, December 07, 2015

Java takes a wistful look around the office, "We had a lot of good times here, didn't we?" he says to the empty room. "All those numbers, buying and selling. And the stories..." Java's voice trails off.

He runs a finger through the dust on Bears' old desk. "Egg used to keep the office so clean, except she never would touch Bears desk. Afraid she'd get a stray candy wrapper *beep* to her feather duster." He walks a few steps across the room, to the coffeepot. "Jill used to make the best coffee. The java was never the same after she moved on."

Moved on. That's what that character Roland Deschain said all the time. The world has moved on.

Java came to Nstarz' desk. Just the same as he had left it over a month ago. It seems he's moved on, too.

Java wandered back into his own office, the oak-paneled 'boss' office that Lpcdobber insisted Java move into when he retired. "I hope Dob isn't disappointed, but I guess there's nothing left to be done." he thinks. Java then notices a note on his desk, and picks it up to read it.

Dear Java:

We know this wasn't an easy decision, but we agree with you. We just don't have the readers like we used to, and there are only the three of us left to write stock reports.

We wanted you to tell our readers, before we go, that it's been an honor to give them their daily stock advice, and to share a little piece of or own lives with them.


DSW and Kath

With the note in hand, Java slowly walks toward the outer doors of Stock Central. After one last look around the room, Java switches off the lights, and walks out into the evening.



(With this column, our daily stock reports will cease. There may be a new post here from time to time, but with changing times we no longer have the staff to do this space the justice it deserves. From Kath, DSW, and myself, it has been a pleasure serving you all. Always remember: Buy at 15, Sell at your sellpoint, and never look back.)
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Member of the Month, July 2009 - NStarz
Written by Lpcdobber   
Tuesday, 14 July 2009 07:44
The crowd is gathered in the town square, in front of a raised platform with a microphone, white picket railings and bunting that reminds the onlookers of the American flag. The people mill about, talking among themselves and wondering what the big news will be, and who will be delivering it. Presently, a short figure winds his way carefully through the early-morning crowd, holding a large coffee cup and trying not to spill its contents. The crowd settles a bit as the coffee-drinker ascends the stairs, flips a switch on the mic, and clears his throat.

"Ladies, Gentlemen, SBG members of all ages, " he begins. He steps back, takes a drink of coffee as the crowd quiets. Then he steps back to the mic and continues.

"Today, we recognize one of the most active, and yet under-appreciated members of our guild. This member can be seen both on the guild message board and in the forums daily. He has been active in Neopets battle tournaments, putting his pet on the line in support of the SBG. He is an avid gamer, making a name for himself not only in the Daq Poker league and the Food Club, but also in the fantasy sports leagues found in the

"Our esteemed member is an avid restocker in the Phoenix Feather Mall, and, last but not least, is one of your very own council members.

Without further ado, I give you your Member of the Month for July 2009,


*clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*

Nstarz, please accept the plaque below for your user look-up, and also a visit from President Richie with the other tokens of our gratitude for helping make the SBG the great guild that it is.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 14 July 2009 07:47
Member of the Month, Apr/May 2009 - W3neo
Written by Lpcdobber   
Sunday, 19 April 2009 10:00
Member of the month is a joyous occasion throughout the SBG and usually sparks tremendous feelings of gratitude for that month’s recipient. Parties sometimes run long into the night, highlighting tasty vittles and lucious libations. Members can be found snacking on ground beef smores, maggot pizza, or maybe even linty bologna. :silly: The drink of the night varies with the mood of the crowd. One night it may be honey fly smoothies, another it may be bottles of Dr. Backwash with Clamade chasers. Dessert is usually the favorite course, with many calling for sardine pruneparfait, with a slice of fresh seaweed pie. But the great atmosphere of friendship is why we all come back month after month.

This week, this month, this year and forever after, we celebrate the committee’s selection for this month’s award.

W3, please step forward and kindly accept this simple plaque as our humble way of saying a tiny bit of thanks, you so richly deserve, for all you have done to setup and grow this great place we now all call home.

If there’s anyone out there who may not already be aware of who w3 really is, let me introduce you to him. He is not just our leader, he’s not just the founder of Neodaq, w3 is a legend across Neopets. And what makes someone a legend, you ask? Maybe it’s because from day one, he has lead all of us by example. He doesn’t ever boast, he never loses his temper, he never criticizes even when he has ample cause. He has never ceased in his desire to make Neodaq and it’s members the #1 place for everyone to enjoy visiting for great stock information, friendly advice on wealth in this game, and a welcome home they can always return to anytime. He has willingly given of his time for 7+ years and yes, even funded our wonderful Neodaq forums straight from his own pocket, to keep this site alive and well for all of us. And yet, after all this time, after all the great accomplishments, the near disasters, the good times and the bad, he has never forgotten his roots. He has never side-stepped or ignored the newest player, nor has he ever allowed a visitor to feel less than a friend when they come around. :hugz:

Great leaders are smart enough to surround themselves with other great people, knowing that it grows a force that will live strong forever. He would be the first to humbly give credit to his many friends, like Renegade_Yoda, Gramdragon4, Ejahn, Duck_Fanatic, Serena, Dyrama, GG, and the entire unending string of wonderful and loyal leaders that have followed all those older leaders. But through it all, he has always remained the glue that has held this ship together.

I have personally been backstage with w3 for the past 6+ years and have probably grown as much as anyone, under his loving and compassionate leadership. There were many times when I was upset, mad, and ready to swing the axe *complain* …but he steadied me with his calm demeanor and kind words. He makes you litterally feel as if he’s thrown an arm around your shoulder and whispered..”it’s gonna be alright.” :hugz:

W3, I could ramble on for hours of your accomplishments and cutting edge theories and work for this entire community, but I know it would only embarrass you more. :oops: I will finish up by simply saying we each owe you far more than we can probably ever repay, but to honor you with this award is a tiny start. Along with it, comes our utmost gratitude, our devoted loyalty and an undying friendship.

W3, you may now display the MotM plaque in your user lookup, should you so desire, and expect a visit from our esteemed President Richie with a trade for you.

W3……Member of the Month, April/May, 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
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Christmas at the SBG
Written by Richie   
Thursday, 13 November 2008 19:11
The SBG is preparing to celebrate the Christmas Season with a couple of special Event, the Neonkee Swap and the Secret Santa. The Secret Santa is open to existing guild members only, but the Neonkee Swap is open to all. See the forum for details.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 November 2008 09:32
New Front Page
Written by Richie   
Sunday, 19 October 2008 13:34
There is a new front page on Neodaq.info powered by Joomla, this will give us some new tools to publish information. The front page on Neodaq.com will stay the same for now,
Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 November 2008 11:52
Neodaq Survivor 08
Written by Yoda   
Sunday, 19 October 2008 13:00

COME ONE COME ALL to the 2nd ever SURVIVOR-08

Match your smarts, skills, determination, and of course a little luck, with the rest to find out if you are the best and will finish above the rest as the number one SURVIVOR. This game is brought to you by the generosity of the SBG and Neodaq. Rumor has it that if there are over 100 people as the game goes along you get to keep what you find and the final item found to declare the winner is a Sword of Skardsen (11 million NP). Other items along the way for 2nd through 5th add up to another five million NP and it does not stop anywhere near 5th place, but of course this is just a rumor and there are no official prizes giving out as that would be against the rules of neopets terms and conditions.

So you want to hear more about this game? I thought you would never ask. Do you enjoy clawing your way to the top, making alliances, trying to balance between making deals and breaking deals, keeping your word or flat out lying? Then you are a sick sick person Unfortunately that may be one successful way to get further in this game or not it really depends on the twists and turns and how well you and for some time along the journey your team does.

I can’t go into exact details of this current event but I can tell you something about the last event that will give you a good overview.

Initially people were split into groups of 10 by the randomizer and each group had to answer one or more questions (all groups received the same questions at the same time) the last few groups to correctly answer or actually were wrong on their answer(s) were put up for a vote by all groups and one entire group was eliminated (or so it seemed). This continued until 2 to 3 groups were left and then something (or someone) reshuffled and in the end it came down to about 15-20 people on their own after that. However, I do recall that one person was voted off more than once and yet still managed to find his way back into the game and not only that actually ended up placing very high. There are a number of traps (good and bad) that are set in place prior to the start of the game some never were sprung others were and things beyond anyone’s control happened. It is important to point out that once the game starts the outcome is not and cannot be changed/altered or effected by human hands (i.e the people running it) It’s very important to SBG that the integrity stand above all and everyone has the same chance at winning within the rules.

When does the event start?

JUNE 1st

See forum for more details

Last Updated on Sunday, 19 October 2008 13:04

Neodaq Around the World

Having had a web presence since 1997 I have been hosted on a few different companies servers.

It is a real pain when you find that either because your current host cannot offer you the tools you need or prices become too competitive elsewhere you have to move. When your sites become large and complex this can be a daunting and unpleasant task.

Well, I think I have finally found the perfect host. These folks offer everything you could want in a host along with the best prices around.

If you are looking for hosting please have a look using the link below, if you are buying be sure to come back here and use this banner link when you sign up as they will toss me a couple bucks for sending you their way.


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